Our Netiquette

We would like to exchange ideas with you on our channels. Every comment is welcome, as long as it remains factual and respectful and in no way has criminal relevance.
Constructive comments and criticism are important for our daily work, so we gladly accept them. However, treating each other with respect should be the priority.
Tolerance towards other views should form the basis for this.
In principle, all comments are read. We reserve the right to moderate posts or block users who violate applicable law.
Users who post insults, defamation, racist, sexist or extremist posts are also blocked.
This also applies to posts that contain spam, copyright infringement or advertising. This also includes mass comments with identically worded posts within a short period of time.
Links, references to Internet or e-mail addresses can be deleted, and users can be blocked if we repeatedly misuse our site.
Furthermore, users may not violate the conditions of the operators of platforms on which we are represented with presences.
Violations lead to exclusion from participation in the discussion and, in extreme cases, can result in legal action being taken.